Avoided Deforestation

Agriculture for globally traded products including palm oil, soybean, beef, maize and sugar is the main driver of deforestation. Efforts to tackle deforestation and degradation over the past 10 years have mostly focused on market-based solutions to industrial agricultural expansion such as increasing customer demand for sustainable supply chains and forest carbon credits/results-based payments to farmers. These are all necessary but are not enough to end deforestation. Forests require further protection through regulation and policy and enabling people living in forests to have secure enough livelihoods that they are able to act as forest guardians. During 2019, the trustees are seeking to support initiatives that enable people living in forests to act as forest guardians as well as initiatives that support the development of policy and regulation for forest regulation.

What kind of projects have we funded?


Greenpeace works to defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing responsible solutions. The Trust made a grant in 2019 to Greenpeace for its Forest Watchdog project to increase the pressure on global palm oil producer and trader, Wilmar, to deliver its commitment to stop deforestation.