Connecting People and Nature

The trustees recognise the overwhelming evidence that shows that our health and well-being is intricately connected with access to the nature and greenspace. The trustees are especially interested in initiatives that improve children’s access and enjoyment to the countryside and will have a lasting impact on their well-being and understanding of our relationship with the natural world. They are also interested in the clinical health benefits of contact and activity in nature. The trustees are interested in supporting initiatives that have a direct, positive and lasting impact on people’s lives, demonstrate good practice in these areas and advocate this powerfully and convincingly to others, including policy-makers.

What kind of projects have we funded?

Horatio’s Garden

Horatio’s Garden creates and cares for beautiful accessible gardens in NHS spinal injury centres. Leading garden designers develop the stunning sanctuaries for patients, creating an environment which becomes an integral part of their lives as well as those of families and friends whilst spending many months in hospital.