Sustainable Development International

What do we support?

The Trust recognises the vital role that forests play in not only sequestering and storing carbon but also in the provision of ecosystem services that regulate the planet’s weather. Recognising the vital role that forests play and acutely concerned by their rapid destruction, the Trust has made grants to projects which address the issues from a number of perspectives and simultaneously help to alleviate poverty and support sustainable community development. These could be, for example, be community-based reforestation/plantation projects, energy efficient cook stove projects and renewable energy schemes.

What kind of projects have we funded?


Greenpeace’s on-going work in Indonesia to halt destruction of natural forest areas and peatlands for palm oil, pulp and paper or other industrial processes.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Botanic Gardens Conservation International is supporting botanic gardens in Africa to develop nurseries of endangered tropical tree species for reforestation and plantation projects. The scheme provides training and employment opportunities for local people.

Original Beans Company

The Original Beans Company helps small-holder farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo to grow high quality organic cacao as an understorey species in the buffer zone of the Virunga National Park. This will increase the farmers’ incomes and help to protect the natural rainforest.

Green Belt Movement

Funding to Green Belt Movement for a workshop and project officer to develop and implement a strategy to support the take-up of sustainable energy technologies in the Green Belt Movement network in Kenya.


RETAP is training teachers, schoolchildren and managers to grow their own woodlots to provide a sustainable source of fuel for cooking in energy efficient cook stoves. The improved stoves use far less wood and are smoke-free, thereby protecting kitchen staff from the harmful effects of smoke.