Sustainable Development UK

What do we support?

We support work that can reduce the speed and impact of climate change, including projects that tackle energy efficiency and renewable energy technology. We also support work on aviation and transport policy, and sustainable agriculture. In the area of climate change and sustainable energy, we aim to take a broad approach supporting research, practical action, awareness-raising, education and organisations that aim to influence policy in the field.

What kind of projects have we funded?

Campaign for Better Transport

The Campaign for Better Transport is delivering a programme of work to make sustainable transport – in particular cycling – a mainstream part of national and local policy and funding programmes.

Carbon Tracker

Funding towards Carbon Tracker’s staff costs to enable it to expand its work on the issue of ‘unburnable carbon’ - increasing the transparency of climate change related risks in investments in coal and other fossil fuels.

Sustainable Food Trust

The Sustainable Food Trust has a new UK True Cost of Food project. This aims to identify the wide range of costs and benefits of current food production and developing policy mechanisms to ensure that these are taken into account in the food system.

Soil Association

Grant support to the Soil Association for the Food For Life Programme to extend the programme into more schools as well as nurseries and care home providers across the UK.

Global Action Plan

Support to Global Action Plan to deliver and expand the 1-in-5 Challenge initiated by WWF. This project helps companies to cut their levels of business flying by 20% in five years, encourages them to increase their use of alternatives such as videoconferencing and rail and provides evidence to question the need for further airport expansion.