Sustainable Regeneration

What do we support?

Funding in this category aims to bring together the themes of social exclusion and environmentally sustainable development in ways which can help local communities make the most of their resources and develop new skills and competencies. In many cases, projects will reflect the themes of the Trust's environmental work, such as the promotion of cycling or sustainable agriculture, and its work with people at risk, including support for employment and enterprise. We are keen to support projects which link people to the natural environment in a variety of ways.

What kind of projects have we funded?

Manchester Veg People

Manchester Veg People is a new co-operative of organic growers and buyers in Greater Manchester who have come together to increase the production and consumption of local organic fruit and vegetables in the area through a fair food chain.

Wood Allotments Project

Support to the Mersey Forest for the development of a Wood Allotments Pack. The pack will support the national roll-out of the wood allotments project that was successfully piloted in the Mersey Forest.

Chester District Housing Association

Chester District Housing Association and Hoole Allotment and Garden Association run a community allotment scheme to establish sites on disused garage sites across the Chester area.

London Wildlife Trust

London Wildlife Trust's New Roots two-year project aims to improve the skills and life chances of prisoners at Pentonville Prison by engaging them in food growing projects within the prison and after they are released.

Vauxhall City Farm

A grant towards the salaries of staff caring for the farm animals and providing education services for schools in this city farm in central London.

Food Up Front

This new organisation supports London residents to grow fresh vegetables on unused pieces of their property - front gardens, balconies, window sills or door steps. Participants have been inspired by how easily they can grow their own salad leaves and have found networking with other local growers enormously rewarding.

Food Chain North East

A grant to spread local growing projects amongst communities in the North East of England and to purchase more fresh produce from local suppliers.